How Many Newborn Clothes Should You Bring to the Hospital?

November 22, 2021

When you’re getting ready for a new addition to your family,
it’s fun to find adorable outfits so baby will get a fashionable start in life. If you’re like many parents, you may wonder if you will need baby clothes at the hospital or what you should pack for a successful hospital visit. 

What to Pack for Your Newborn Baby

While the baby is in hospital, the staff bundle them up nicely. The outfits you need will be primarily to get the baby home, so you won’t need to bring many newborn clothes to the hospital. You also won’t need to bring diapers or wipes since hospitals will offer these, and you will likely only be in the hospital for 24-48 hours if all goes well. 

In general, you
will want to bring:

  • Two to three outfits in different sizes since you don’t
    know how big your baby will be.
  • One or two baby hats.
  • One or two pairs of baby socks, in case it’s cold.
  • One pair of booties.
  • A baby blanket.

Other items you can bring for mom and the
support team include:

  • A baby car seat to take the baby home.
  • Toiletries to freshen up.
  • Comfortable clothes, including nursing bras and a bathrobe,
    if needed.
  • Nipple cream or your preferred formula.
  • Adult diapers or maternity pads, which will
    be more comfortable than the mesh underwear the hospital offers.
  • A long charging cord.
  • A few copies of the birth plan.
  • ID and insurance information.
  • Glasses or contacts.
  • Contact information for the pediatrician and anyone you
    might want to contact.
  • Anything you need to be comfortable, such as snacks or extra

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