How Matching Pajamas Became a Holiday Favorite

November 2, 2021

In case you haven’t noticed, pajamas have moved far out of the realm of personal bedtime attire. They’ve become a major fashion statement, especially among families and friend groups.

How did jammies become so popular that people can’t seem to get enough of holiday pajama sets for adults, babies and even pets? Let’s take a closer look at the family Christmas pajama phenomenon.

Matching PJs: Decades in the Making

While it may seem as if matching pajama sets are a new trend, they’ve been available for a few generations. If you look at catalogs from the early 1980s, you can find them here and there.

Now, the first types of family pajamas certainly were less snazzy than the ones available today. Still, they had to start somewhere, right? And it looks like they might have had European origins, although they’ve fast become an American standard.

Social Media and Jammie Sets

Is it any coincidence that in the past 10-15 years, we’ve seen a surge in holiday pajamas? Nope. You can thank social media for much of this rise in popularity.

Many people have decided to go digital with their traditional family holiday and Christmas cards. What better picture to put online than a whole household wearing matching pajamas, right? Oh, and there’s a hashtag that keeps going viral each year on Instagram, #ChristmasJammies. That’s more than enough evidence to convince you that social media has a hand in the matching holiday pajama fad.

More Versatile Than an Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a fabulously ugly Christmas sweater. At the same time, you have to admit that matching family Christmas pajamas are much more reasonable and practical.

Hey, you can’t go to bed wearing your ugly Christmas sweater. On the other hand, you can easily jump under the covers in your holiday PJs. You can also curl up on the sofa after opening all your gifts. It’s all good and so simple to stay snug.

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