How to Mix and Match Children Clothes

September 29, 2021

When you mix and match clothes, you create more coordinated looks for your kids to wear. Of course, not everything outfit goes together, which is why you’ll want to use these styling secrets to learn how to mix and match clothes.

Tips for Stress-Free Mixing and Matching

You don’t need to be a children’s stylist to create a fun mix-and-match wardrobe for your kids. All you need to create wearable looks is to:

  • Understand what colors work together: Neutrals such as navy, true red, black, white, tan and charcoal always go well together. Another simple way to match colors is to pair a neutral such as charcoal, black or white with a bright color.
  • Understand solids and patterns: Clothes that are one solid color pair well with patterned items, especially if the colors of the pattern complement the solid color. While patterns can go well together, you should experiment to ensure the styles you choose suit each other beforehand.
  • Try different combinations: The best way to mix and match is to be creative and experiment with different looks. Put outfits on the bed and see what looks good, taking pictures so you remember all your options. You’ll probably find more looks than you expect! You often don’t notice two pieces go well together until you try.
  • Remember accessories: Hats, sunglasses, jewelry, bows and other accessories transform a look and can tie an outfit together. For kids, include no more than one or two accessories per outfit and make sure the additions are comfortable.

What Does a Mix and Match Closet Look Like?

Wondering how to mix and match clothes? Try these ideas to start:

  • Try a bright graphic shirt tied at the waist with a fun pair of sunglasses.
  • Pair jeans with a flared top to allow more movement with the look.
  • Buy a complete set to take the guesswork out of matching.
  • Pair jeans with a bright tee and hoodie.
  • Pair jeans with bold graphic tops and layers.
  • A pretty twirl dress and cute shoes make an instant outfit.
  • Pair a casual skirt with a long-sleeve tee for a casual but classic look.

Start Matching

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