Planning Your Child’s Back to School Wardrobe

October 6, 2021

Back-to-school planning keeps everyone on track and gets kids excited about their classes. Outfit choices are an important milestone for the new year and all kids can get excited about a new shirt or jeans.

Think Before You Buy

There are a few things you can do to get ready for the start of the new semester:

  • Do a total inventory: Check the clothes your kids already have and toss anything stained, outgrown, torn or worn out. Do a close inspection of clothes your children never wear. You can donate them if they’re in good shape or find matching items to make them new favorites.
  • Create a budget: Consider how much you’re willing to spend on back-to-school clothes. A budget will help you determine how many items you can buy.
  • Shop sales: Sales and clearances are a great way to pick up quality items without paying full retail. Online sales can be impressive and have the added bonus of delivery, too.
  • Spread out purchases: You don’t have to buy all your back-to-school clothes at the same time. Consider what your children will need for the first few weeks and focus on those items first. You can round out the rest of their wardrobe after school starts.
  • Mix and match: Choosing separates and some accessories from either a neutral color scheme or one color palette makes it easier to create more outfits. Where possible, make sure all your children’s clothes can mix and match together.

A Checklist for Showing up to School in Style

When you’re shopping back to school, you’ll generally need:

  • Two to four hoodies.
  • Two to four tops with long sleeves.
  • Five to eight t-shirts.
  • Two to four pairs of pants, skirts or shorts.
  • Three to five pairs of jeans.
  • Two to four sweaters.
  • Three to four casual shoes, sandals or running shoes.
  • Any undergarments your child needs, with about five changes of these garments.

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. Your child’s needs may vary depending on their personal tastes and activities. For example, you might need fewer clothes if your child wears a uniform or you prefer to do laundry less frequently.

If you want some great clothing ideas for your kids, you can:

What Are Good First Day of School Outfits?

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