Ways to Style Baby Headbands

November 8, 2021

Baby headbands don’t just look good in an online boutique catalog. They also look amazing on your sweetie pie. However, you might wonder how to make the most of each baby headband you buy.

Below are some of our favorite ideas to help you learn how to style a baby headband for your budding fashionista.

1. Match up Fabrics

Many brands offer headbands that match with everything from onesies and rompers to snuggly blankets and shoes. This lets you coordinate your baby’s headband without any fuss.

2. Choose a Different Pattern

Not into the whole “matching” theme? No problem! Baby headbands can just as easily be in a color or pattern that’s complementary to the rest of your little one’s outfit. 

3. Leverage Holidays

When you’re going for trends with your baby’s headbands, think about the season. For instance, fall is a great time for Halloween and Thanksgiving headbands. During those warm summer months, choose headbands with bright, sunny colors.

4. Get Headbands That Match Your Child’s Personality

Have a spunky kiddo who’s cute and ambitious? Bright red headbands and bows may be perfect for them. Is your sweetheart calm and shy? Soft pastels in pinks or blues will show off their unique personality.

5. Line up Big and Small Headbands

Sometimes you want to go bold with a large headband. Other times, you may prefer a baby headband that’s barely noticeable. Collect an assortment of headband sizes for a diverse selection.

6. Move the Bow Around

Most baby headbands have some kind of embellishment or bow. Experiment with moving the bow to the left, right or center depending upon your baby’s hair and head shape. Some parents like to position the bow above a front-facing bald spot, for example.

7. Prepare for the Weather

When it’s hot outside, your baby will probably feel more comfortable with a smaller headband and tiny bow. When it’s chilly, a larger baby headband could take the place of a knitted cap. Use your best judgment based on the temperature, so your baby stays comfy.

Get More Styling Inspiration From Sweet Girls Boutique

Above all else, you want your baby to feel cozy no matter what they wear. Be sure to choose baby headbands with stretch and “give.” Plus, only keep them on your little one when you can be around to make sure the headband doesn’t slide.

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