Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Bow in Place

November 29, 2021

Little girls and bows go together like matching Mommy and Me clothes. However, trying to keep baby hair bows in place can be a challenge at first. If you’ve been looking for tips on how to keep a bow in your baby’s hair, read on. We have a handful of time-tested recommendations.

1. Introduce Baby Hair Bows Early, Consistently and Slowly

The first time you put a baby bow on your infant, she might just tug it off. That’s okay. Let her! Later, you can put it back on. As your baby gets more accustomed to wearing hair bows, she should stop fussing with them as much.

2. Choose Comfy Baby Bows

You can’t expect your baby to love her hair bows if they aren’t super soft and comfortable. Always look for bows made to be soothing against the skin. Avoid bows and hairbands meant for older toddlers. Instead, look for ones with elasticity, and practice putting a bow on your baby so it doesn’t droop or fall.

3. Wear Hair Bows Yourself

As your baby becomes more conscious of what you do and wear, she’ll notice if you have anything on your head. Why not wear a hair bow once in a while?

Remember that kids love to imitate the adults in their lives. When your sweetie sees you wearing a hair bow, she’ll feel more inclined to keep hers in place rather than immediately wanting to take it off.

4. Buy Hair Bows Made for Babies by Trusted Brands

You might be an excellent DIYer, but purchasing items as delicate as baby bows from reputable brands is the best way to ensure quality and comfort for your baby. Baby hair bows have to be constructed very carefully and thoughtfully. It’s probably best for you to purchase ones from brands you trust, like Sweet Girls Boutique. That way, you know you’re getting a safe and adorable product.

5. Use Fun Distractions

Bored babies will tug at anything from their hair bows to their socks. Make sure your cutie pie has no time to grab a hair bow by keeping her entertained. Any toys can distract a baby from her apparel. Even a walk outside in the stroller can take her mind off her hair bow or headband.

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