What Is a Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe?

October 20, 2021

Kids’ clothes are so adorable, it’s tempting to buy every outfit you see. Soon enough it’ll seem like your children’s clothes are multiplying in the laundry room! A capsule wardrobe can make a huge difference.

What Are Kids’ Capsule Wardrobes?

A kid’s capsule wardrobe is a smaller number of clothes that you can mix and match together to make many outfits. Check out the benefits you’ll get with a capsule wardrobe for your children:

  • Spend less money buying clothes your children don’t need.
  • Easier to do laundry, find a favorite outfit and manage the closet.
  • Get dressed in the mornings quickly with matching outfits.
  • Gentler on the environment since you’re not buying in excess.
  • Invest in higher-quality clothes with the money you’re saving.

How Do You Make a Wardrobe Capsule for Kids?

A capsule wardrobe for most children is about 14 items, so you’ll need about seven tops and seven bottoms, or include a dress or two. Add a few pairs of shoes, hats and any extra accessories you’d like.

To build a capsule wardrobe, you’ll need to:

  • Work with lists: Make a list of the activities your children participate in that require specific clothes. Then, create a list of what clothes your children need each season. Remember shoes and any special items they may need, such as raincoats for the spring.
  • Choose a color family: A neutral kids capsule wardrobe can include black, white, navy, charcoal and red. All these colors will work together. If you choose another color family, make sure all items mix and match well.
  • Shop consciously: Always shop your list and your color scheme and look for clothes that will last.

Clothing Ideas to Include in Your Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe

Check out these items to include in your children’s wardrobes:

  • A simple, quality hoodie for layering and cool weather.
  • A few short sets, which make planning for summer even easier.
  • Graphic tees and raglans, which go with anything and add some fun for kids.
  • Jeans and shorts to pair with shirts.
  • A cute dress or two, if your child wears them.
  • Extras, such as hats, accessories, sports clothing, coats, jackets, uniforms, shoes, sandals, socks and more!

Sweet Girls Boutique has a wide range of quality items you can mix and match for your child’s capsule wardrobe.

Are Capsule Wardrobes Boring?

Capsule wardrobes can be as exciting as you want them to be! Beautiful colors, fun graphics and great quality clothes with sweet details make all the difference. If you’re building a capsule wardrobe for your family, browse the amazing clothes at Sweet Girls Boutique or contact us to find out more about our boutique today.