What Should Kids Wear to Preschool?

September 29, 2021

Preschool is a big deal. Kids begin learning, gain their independence and start to form close friendships. Dressing your kids for preschool success means choosing fun outfits that let them move and play.

Dressing Your Child for Preschool

Choosing preschool kids’ clothes can be an easy process. In general, look for:

  • Clothes that are simple to get into and out of: Clasps and clothes that are easy to slide into and out of will make mornings easier for you and bathroom time much easier for your toddler.
  • High mobility outfits: Choose comfortable, soft clothing designed to let your toddler jump, run and play. Avoid anything that can get caught on play equipment or that might be uncomfortable at nap time, such as complicated hair clips. For little feet, tennis shoes or sneakers provide the most flexibility.
  • Quality clothing: Look for clothes with quality construction and stitching to ensure they’ll last throughout the school year.
  • Clothes that work well together: It’s much easier to get a pre-schooler dressed in the morning when all of their clothes mix and match.
  • Easy-care outfits: Kids are tough on clothes, so select items you can wash and that won’t stain easily. For example, cotton and poly blend outfits tend to be durable, stay comfortable and don’t wrinkle much.
  • Seasonal clothes: Buy a seasonal wardrobe for your child, so they’re ready for winter, wet days in spring and hot days.

When getting your child ready for preschool, make sure they have a backup outfit in a plastic baggie to take with them, just in case art time gets a little messy.

Preschool Wardrobe Inspiration

Sweet Girls Boutique has a few outfits to inspire you for preschool. You can browse:

  • Sibling sets, which have many fun and colorful options designed for comfort and movement.
  • A fun school t-shirt declaring your child’s plans for the school year.
  • Graphic t-shirts paired with shorts, jeans or comfortable pants, all of which are perfect for everything from snack time to recess.
  • Coveralls and overalls, which snap easily over t-shirts for a fast look.
  • Summer and hot weather short sets, which allow plenty of freedom of movement while still being fun outfits with plenty of colors.

How Do You Dress for Preschool?

Sweet Girls Boutique is a family-owned business founded in 2015. We’re on a mission to provide quality, fun clothes for kids which won’t break the bank. If your toddler is heading to preschool, browse the fun clothes at Sweet Girls Boutique or contact us with your questions and comments today!